Filming with the escorts elite

Filming with the escorts elite


Hey guys, it’s Alice here again! Today, I’d like to approach a topic that’s very touchy for many of my co-workers, that of allowing themselves to be filmed during intimate moments with their partners. Over the course of my career, I have found that an overwhelming number of men share this common fantasy: of filming themselves making love to a beautiful woman.

First of all, I’ll have to admit that I really enjoy doing this once in a while. When me and my partner click well together, I’m more open minded to all sorts of things. However, this is not a point of view that’s shared by many of my esteemed colleagues. In fact, most girls from the escorts elite are strictly against allowing themselves to be filmed by clients. And why is that? Well, the only reason is that they don’t trust their partners enough and they’re afraid that the wrong people, namely the internet, might see it. Unlike regular women, high class escorts aren’t stopped by inhibitions and social conventions. If something feels right and the person feels right, we’ll do it.

Now, how do you become the right person? Giving you a complete answer would be impossibly difficult, because every escort is different. But what matters for all of them is trust. This means that with most representatives of the escorts elite, you won’t be able to pull out the camera right from the first booking. Why? Because they haven’t known you for long enough to trust that you won’t post the clips online or something like that.

My idea would be to just let things flow naturally. Go on a booking with the escort of your choice, see how things turn out and then decided if you should ask about the camera. If everything goes really well and you really like each other, chances are she might let you film a bit, especially if you agree to not show her face. Once you’ve gone out together for a while and you’ve proven how trustworthy you are (by always being punctual, always doing what you said you’d do etc.), she’ll surely be down for more. Or, you could just hire someone from the porn-star escorts elite. Those girls REALLY love the camera! Well, whatever you choose, I hope you’ve found my little piece useful. Can’t wait to write again!

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